The League provides educational resources for elected and appointed city officials.

Budget Special Report

This publication is designed to assist cities begin their annual budget process. Learn about revenues, expenditures, legislation and other budget issues.

City Candidates Guide

Interested in running for a city office? Learn what the requirements are and resources available.

City Clerk/Finance Officers Handbook

This guide has been prepared for the cities of Iowa to assist the city clerks, finance officers as well as other personnel in their municipal duties.

City Collaboration Report

City governments large and small have collaborated with a host of public, nonprofit and private partners to deliver services to citizens. Learn the specifics of these kinds of partnerships.

City Home Rule Special Report

Learn why and how Home Rule came to be in Iowa and examine more recent court decisions regarding local control.

Cityscape Magazine

The League publishes a monthly magazine, Cityscape, which covers issues of interest to city officials in Iowa.


The League’s biennial printed Directory includes city hall contact information, simple listing of selected roles,  service directory listing of participating businesses and organizations by category.

Ambulance Response
Fire and Emergency Response Services Special Report

This report reviews the requirements cities have under the Code of Iowa, how fire and emergency services are provided and best practices for working with partners in the efficient delivery of those vital services.

Iowa Property Tax

Property taxes play a significant role in municipal government as the primary funding source for city budgets. Check out a variety of special reports regarding this topic.

Law Enforcement Special Report

One of the key services a city provides its citizens is law enforcement. While all cities in Iowa are required to provide effective law enforcement services, the method to deliver the service can vary from city to city.

Legislative Link

Stay briefed on legislative issues relevant to cities as well as ways you can participate in the legislative process.

Local Option Sales and Service Tax: Special Report

The Iowa League of Cities has focused on the topic of local option sales and service tax (LOSST), the mechanics of how it works and the importance to the communities.

Membership Dues

This document lists all Cities in Iowa with their membership status, past dues invoiced, and projected dues owed by the most recent Census estimate. This document is to help cities budget for their membership dues. Invoices will be sent in June 2024.

Municipal Policy Leadership Handbook

A guide for Iowa Mayors and Council Members.

New Laws of Interest to Cities

Review our New Laws of Interest where we highlight recently passed legislation that could impact your city.

Nuisance Abatement Manual

A guide to assist cities in identifying and abating nuisance property issues.

Open Meetings Open Records

City officials need to be aware of requirements relating to open meetings and open records and develop plans to efficiently manage these important topics.

Record Retention Manual

This records manual is intended to assist officials in the management of records created and received in the conduct of city business.

Tax Increment Financing Special Report

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a tool cities can use to enhance a wide range of development efforts. Find helpful information regarding this topic.

Transportation Series

This series covers many aspects of transportation including funding sources, comprehensive planning, road operations and maintenance, conditions of road and bridge infrastructure, and legislative aspects.

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